The Petition

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  • Demand regulation of renewable energy to protect the future of Texas

  • Require use of FAA approved radar-activated lightning systems to protect our night skies

  • Combat wind farm development in Val Verde County


Wind farms are substantial industrial developments that, if placed in Val Verde County, Texas risk:

o   Compounding border security challenges

o   Impeding  Air Force training grounds

o   Degrading the frontier legacy character of the region

o   Sacrificing opportunities for future generations for limited short-term benefits to foreign interests

o   Diminishing the sanctity of the night sky

o   Deteriorating and permanently scarring shared natural scenic views 

o   The lives and habitats of bats, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife including several Federally Listed Species

o   Decreasing the value of hunting, fishing and other nature-dependent tourism

o   The natural beauty of public treasures; Lake Amistad National Recreation Area, Devils River State Natural Areas, Seminole Canyon State Park and Historical Site

For nominal financial benefit to the community and expansive benefit to FOREIGN OPERATORS AND DEVELOPERS

Val Verde County is Important...

To the U.S. Military

The Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas is a crucial training ground for United States pilots.

To Border Security

Val Verde County lies along the United States – Mexico border, open-air space is crucial to the Border Patrol agents’ security tactics.

To the Natural Environment

Val Verde County is one of the few remaining unbroken, wild and pristine places on the Texas frontier. It is the vibrant biological crossroads of the Texas Hill Country, Chihuahuan Desert, and Tamaulipan Brush Country landscapes. It is home to several unique flora and fauna species such as the Texas Hornshell Mussel and is on the migratory path for many others such as Monarchs and Mexican Free-tailed Bats. The pristine waters, open spaces, natural view-shed, and dark, star riddled skies of this region, are precious commodities in the developing world and it is our duty as stakeholders and citizens to protect and preserve them for future generations.

To the Cultural Heritage of Texas

The vistas, canyons, and caves of Val Verde County hold icons of the regions early people and years long past. These cultural treasures are uniquely abundant in Val Verde County and are essential components of the heritage of Texas.

Trouble in the Wind

As the renewable energy market expands throughout Texas energy sprawl fueled by foreign interest is encroaching on Val Verde County. 

A foreign investment firm has amassed land holdings in Val Verde County totaling over 100,000 acres, and agents have confirmed intentions to develop wind energy on these properties. The Devils River Conservancy and fellow landowners are concerned for the sanctity of the pristine environment, the night sky, border security and the future generations of this region.

Make Your Voice Heard

The depth of impacts by further wind energy development in Val Verde County is unknown. It is important to border security, the US Air Force, the sanctity of public treasures and the community of Val Verde County that a comprehensive study be conducted to assess potential impacts of further energy development.

Please sign the petition and join your friends and neighbors in:

  • Showing opposition for wind farm development in Val Verde County

  • Requesting the use of radar-activated lighting systems on the Rocksprings Wind Farm to protect the night skies


  • Demanding a comprehensive study of environmental, cultural, economic and security impacts of wind farm development in Val Verde County.

This initiative is funded entirely by charitable donations. Every dollar counts in the effort to protect the heritage and future of Val Verde County.

The Don't Blow It initiative is formally rooted in the Devils River Conservancy 501(c)3 in partnership with landowners and stakeholder agencies. The mission of this initiative is to stop further wind farm development in Val Verde County and turn out the lights on the existing Rocksprings Wind Farm. Donations in support of Don't Blow It are made to the Devils River Conservancy and are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.