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Val Verde County, No Country For Wind Farms

While we all like the idea of renewable energy, more thought should go into appropriate locations for these industrial developments. Texas is experiencing an "Energy Sprawl" and wind farm development has taken root in Val Verde County by the hands of foreign investors with apparent plans for expansion. The current wind farm (named "Rocksprings Val Verde Wind LLC, although it is located near Carta Valley) was developed without an opportunity for stakeholder input, resulting in foreign profits disproportionate to local gain.

Wind farm development in Val Verde County:

  • Compounds border security challenges
  • Creates airspace hazards for Air Force pilots in training
  • Degrades the frontier legacy character of the region
  • Sacrifices future generation opportunities for limited short-term benefits to external interests
  • Does not respect others' private property rights
  • Devalues real estate
  • Causes light pollution
  • Produces energy to be utilized elsewhere
  • Deteriorates shared natural scenic views
  • Negatively impacts bats, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife
  • Permanently scars viewscapes and night skies
  • Is bad for hunting, fishing and other nature-dependent tourism
  • Diminishes the natural beauty of public treasures;
    • Lake Amistad National Recreation Area
    • Devils River State Natural Areas
    • Seminole Canyon State Park and Historical Site
  • Only benefits the foreign operator partnered with foreign investors to take advantage of U.S. subsidies

Our Goal

  1. Stop wind farm development. Prevent new inappropriately-sited and resource consumptive wind farm development.

  2. Turn out the lights. Mitigate light pollution from the existing Rocksprings Wind Farm by demanding Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS), radar-activated lighting technology that minimizes night-sky light pollution, be installed. 

It takes a community to turn the wind. Stand with us in protecting Val Verde Vistas.

Night time view at intersection of Hwy 277 and 377, Val Verde County Texas

Night time view at intersection of Hwy 277 and 377, Val Verde County Texas